Agriculture is basis for the development of a country, and the development of agriculture is closely connected to pesticides. As the National appointed manufacturer of pesticides, we always uphold the tenet of "Serve agriculture, benefit farmers".

Ever since the establishment of the company, we have been always engaged in the R&D and innovation of agrochemicals. In the year 2000, we successfully developed " 20% thiodiazole-copper " , it is a kind of fungicide with high efficacy,low toxicity and good safety. We got the invention patent in 2000. And our company is the first privately-run pesticides manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights. So far, 20% thiodiazole-copper is the best thiazole type organic copper fungicide. It is the best organic fungicide to be instead of the substitute of inorganic copper fungicide.

"Explore future with science & technology, establish famous brand with honesty". We will keep depending on science and use the advantages of our science strength to invent new products. Our company takes benefiting farmers as our goal. We sincerely invite customers from domestic and overseas to cooperate with us, and let us create the beautiful future of agric ulture hand in hand.

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